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We have all the equipment, facilities, expertise and advice you need, at the club!

Strongman is a weightlifting-based sport where the athletes, male and female, compete in several events involving different aspects of mental and physical strength, speed and endurance. There is a wide variety of possible event combinations which opens the sport up to all kinds of different athletes.

Some competitions are very, very heavy and favor the biggest and strongest athletes. Some competitions are more focused on moving moderately heavy weights for a set distance or a certain number of times within a given time limit. Then there are the well-balanced competitions that require strength, speed, and good physical conditioning to be successful.

The thing that makes strongman so accessible is that anyone can train for it. This is also the biggest thing that people fail to realize when they see it on TV. Just like going into a commercial gym and picking up a barbell or dumbbell, almost all of the events in strongman can be made lighter or heavier depending on the strength and experience level of the individual who is training. As long as you have access to the equipment, anyone can train for strongman.

This can dramatically alter the way people train and the results they achieve. Anyone can get a lot stronger in a relatively short time by doing strongman-style training and following an intelligently designed program.

As an added bonus, most people will lose significant fat weight and improve aerobic conditioning by training this way because most of the exercises in strongman force the trainee to use most of the muscle groups in his or her body at once. On top of this, the trainee will often be doing an exercise for an extended period of time, such as 60-90 seconds, rather than just a few seconds.

The biggest detriments to more people adding strongman training to their workout routine is lack of access to equipment, lack of qualified people to instruct newcomers in safe and proper exercise technique, and ignorance of the fact that anyone can train for strongman rather than just those who resemble sasquatches!

Performance Fitness Gym is proud to have ‘strongman’ as one of its key areas of expertise for both male and female and hosts regular competitions.