Time 4 BCAA


  • High Strength Amino Acids

  • Supports Protein Synthesis

  • Fast Acting For Rapid Absorption

  • 240 Capsules

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Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and Branch Chain Aminos account for 1/3 of all muscle tissue.

These Amino Acids cannot be synthesised by the body so must be sourced from our diet or supplementation.

Time 4 BCAA is a 2:2:1 ratio blend of L-Leucin, L-Isoleucin, and L-Valine and can be absorbed quickly by the body which is essential for optimum recovery and muscle growth especially when taken immediately before and after training. 


L-Leucin, L-Isoleucin, L-Valine, Gelatin Capsule 

Nutritional Information Per Capsule Per Serving (4 Capsules)
L-Leucin 300mg 1200mg
L-Isoleucin 300mg 1200mg
L-Valine 150mg 600mg